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Who We Are

Since 2006, Transcynd Claim Partners has existed to buy back your most valuable resource for you—your time. When you can trust a partner to manage your claims effectively, you get claim management simplyfied so you may handle the internal aspects of your business.

In 2013, our executives and our board set the vision to build Transcynd with the right people, the right technological approach, and a culture that mirrors the expectations of a carrier. Since then, our carrier competence—our empathy, understanding, and relatability to the needs of carriers—has allowed us to speak the language of carriers and "walk the walk" of high-quality, full-service insurance administration.

Our carrier competence is why we understand the demands of each claim. We’ve been there before. We've walked in the shoes of carriers—over 50% of our team has even held jobs with national carriers. Our carrier competence is what frees us to make promises we keep and build partnerships that last.

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Our Vision

As a diversified, national organization our business acumen and reputation for excellence are sought after by business partners and industry talent alike. Our team of seasoned professionals are respected throughout the industry for integrity and depth of knowledge.  We lead in creating strategic solutions guiding our business partners beyond their goals and expectations.  We are committed to providing value in all we do!

No Matter The Complexity of a Claim...

We provide each of our clients with the same dual assurance: honoring the integrity of the carrier as they restore the livelihoods of the insured.

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Let me also pass along my thanks for a job well done. There’s nothing more important than making sure we have good, clear and emphatic communication with our insureds and agents when they have a claim. It looks like you hit a home-run with a key agent of ours so thank you very much!

- President, Carrier

Thanks, Transcynd, for providing outstanding service to our insured. We are an extremely agent-centric organization - Thanks for making sure all are happy!!
We are excited about our partnership and this certainly reinforces those feelings.

- VP, Operations, Carrier

I just want to share my recent experience with - what started out as horrific -but is ending very peaceful. Our incident turned our world upside down. From the moment we met _______ our anxieties were calmed. He was with us every step of the way. Our house was unlivable and the devastation was deep. He kept such close contact, handled the needs of the house SO QUICKLY and was so friendly and accommodating that the process was smooth. We constantly felt as though he cared about us as people, not just about his job. Our family is so pleased.

- Homeowner

Thank you for the wonderful email concerning your claim experience and specifically the treatment you received from our field adjuster.  We take a lot of pride in providing our customers with excellent claim service in their time of need.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to let us know that you have been pleased and impressed by the service you received from ______.  He really does care. He's conscientious, knowledgeable and a true claim professional.

- Chief Claims Officer, Carrier