Insurance Investigations From a
New Perspective

Performing special investigations requires discretion and tenacity. With our qualified and experienced team, we’re able to resolve even the most questionable and sensitive cases.


Our extensive, in-house training ensures the proper expectations are set, guidelines adhere to both the initial phase and post-loss, and claims standards include strict contact requirements.

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Let me also pass along my thanks for a job well done. There’s nothing more important than making sure we have good, clear and emphatic communication with our insureds and agents when they have a claim. It looks like you hit a home-run with a key agent of ours so thank you very much!

- President, Carrier

Thanks, Transcynd, for providing outstanding service to our insured. We are an extremely agent-centric organization - Thanks for making sure all are happy!!
We are excited about our partnership and this certainly reinforces those feelings.

- VP, Operations, Carrier

I just want to share my recent experience with - what started out as horrific -but is ending very peaceful. Our incident turned our world upside down. From the moment we met _______ our anxieties were calmed. He was with us every step of the way. Our house was unlivable and the devastation was deep. He kept such close contact, handled the needs of the house SO QUICKLY and was so friendly and accommodating that the process was smooth. We constantly felt as though he cared about us as people, not just about his job. Our family is so pleased.

- Homeowner

Thank you for the wonderful email concerning your claim experience and specifically the treatment you received from our field adjuster.  We take a lot of pride in providing our customers with excellent claim service in their time of need.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to let us know that you have been pleased and impressed by the service you received from ______.  He really does care. He's conscientious, knowledgeable and a true claim professional.

- Chief Claims Officer, Carrier